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Wetterlings Wildlife Axe - 12 inches
Wetterlings Splitting Wedge
Wetterlings Splitting Maul - 31.75 inches
Wetterlings Small Splitting Axe - 20 inches
Wetterlings Small Camping Axe - 10 inches
Wetterlings Lifting Hook
Wetterlings Large Splitting Axe - 29 inches
Wetterlings Forest Axe - 25 inches
Wetterlings Chopping Axe - 32 inches
Wetterlings Carpenter's Axe - 19 inches
Wes Hibben Throwing Axe with Sheath
Wallboard Hatchet
Velvicut Premium Hudson Bay Axe with Sheath
Velvicut Premium Felling Axe with Sheath - 4 LB
Velvicut Premium Felling Axe w/ Sheath - 2.25 LB
Tubular Belt Axe w/ Sheath
Tree Sounding Sportsman's Axe/Hatchet
Tomahawk Axe Throwing 3-in-1 Package
Thunder Bay Double Bit Cruiser Axe
Throwing Axe Hatchet Replica - Call of Duty Black Ops
Standard USA Half Hatchet 13"
Spiked Rosewood Handle Lightweight Throwing Axe
Spiked Polished Competition Throwing Tomahawk
Spiked Hardwood Handle Axe - Full Tang
Spiked Backpacking Axe - Full Tang
Spec Plus Spax - Axe Multi Tool by Ontario Knives - USA Made
Spax - Axe Multi Tool by Ontario Knives - USA Made
SOG Fusion Hand Axe Hatchet
SOG Fusion Battle Throwing Axe
Snow & Nealley Single Bit Mini Maul Axe - 18"
Snow & Nealley Single Bit Axe - 30"
Snow & Nealley Kindling Axe - 18" Penobscot Bay
Snow & Nealley Camping Axe - 24" Hudson Bay
Single Bit Steel Axe / Hatchet
Single Bit Barco Michigan Pattern Axe
Single Bit Axe Sheath
Scout Troop Beginner's Tomahawk Throwing Kit (5-in-1)
Pulaski Axe Hoe Pick Axe - USFS Approved
Pulaski Axe - Nupla
Pulaski Axe - Forester Council Axe/Hoe
Pro Throwing Axe - Hibben Generation 2
Pro Throwing Axe - Hibben Generation 1
Perfect Single Bit Barco Michigan Axe
NEW! Viking Throwing Axe Tomahawk - Nordic Design
NEW! United Cutlery M48 Ranger Tactical Tomahawk Axe
NEW! M48 United Cutlery Tactical Yellow Rescue Tomahawk Axe
NEW! M48 United Cutlery Tactical Orange Rescue Tomahawk Axe
NEW! M48 United Cutlery Tactical Apocalypse Green Tomahawk Axe
NEW! M48 Deluxe Commando Axe Tomahawk - 37"
Multi Purpose 13-in-1 Axe Hatchet Hammer
Mora Eriksson Hand Axe - Orange
Mohawk Belt Axe - Custom
Military Combat Axe w/ Sheath
MAX Multi-Purpose Axe, Pick, Mattock & Shovel
Kangee Tomahawk
JVox Boker Plus Tomahawk in SK5 Carbon
Junior Competition Lumberjack Throwing Axe USA MADE
Jersey Classic Axe with 36" Curved Handle
Hiking Or Camping Pack Axe/Hatchet - Coghlan's
Hammer Head War Tomahawk Axe
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Huge Selection

Browse our entire selection of axes including throwinghand,  and splitting axes above. If you would like to refine your search use the category selection above. All of our axes are backed by our low price guarantee (see the Home Page for more information).  If you don't find what you are looking for on this page please contact us and we will get it. 

The Different Types of Axe

The Axe, commonly mispelled as "ax",  has hundreds of uses. Splitting wood, clearing brush, and even using it as a wedge are some of the common uses for the tool. Take it camping, hunting, fishing, hiking, or ice climbing. The axe comes in a variety of sizes and styles each with different advantages.

The Hand Axe

The hand axe, often referred to as a "hatchet" can be made with steel, fiberglass, and/or wood. The handle traditionally was made of wood but it has become more common to create more durable and lasting handles out of fiberglass or steel. These can be used for minor brush clearing, to produce kindling, or even as a nice decoration for the empty wall of your house. Some axes/hatchets are design especially for throwing which has become a common sport among frontiersmen. See our Hand Axe selection for the many types available to you for purchase.

The Felling Axe

The felling axe is more common in taking down trees. There are two types of felling axe. The round axe is used mostly on hardwoods due to its thin tapering head and smaller shoulder. The wedge axe is used for felling soft woods. This axe, due to the wedge-like shape of the head, will not become wedged in the tree even with soft woods. This is caused by the less tapered head and larger shoulder. 

Get One Today!

Axes are just plain handy, especially when camping.  Need to split some wood for that warm campfire?  Supply you and your camping buddies with a warm fire with our sharp timber axes.  Our selection of camping axes are a fantastic choice when heading out into the great outdoors.

We also offer a wide selection of battle axes on our site.

*The axe itself is not dangerous. It is a universal tool. The person wielding the axe brings the danger.

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