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Best Competition Throwing Tomahawk

SKU: TM101
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Best Competition Throwing Tomahawk
Hand Forged High Carbon Steel (pictured with Walnut stained handle HD105)Sharpened Blade Edge Ready For Competitions (pictured with Walnut stained handle HD105)Competition Tomahawk in Hand
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Product Details

Why Buy Our Best Competition Throwing Hawk?

100% Guaranteed Against Manufacturers Defects

All HatchetsandAxes.com products are 100% guaranteed against manufacturers defects. While most of our tomahawk heads are hand forged, and our professional blacksmiths inspect each product to ensure they are free of defects, occasionally a defect will pass through quality control due to the hand crafted nature of our products. If you should receive a product with any defect such as cracking we will replace it for you free of charge.

Wax Coated Tomahawk Handles

Each handle is carefully coated with beeswax in order to ensure a secure grip and reliable protection. Our handles come sanded smooth, splinter free and this wax coating makes for an amazing grip (even when your handle gets wet). Be sure to check out our upgraded handles which feature the same great straight grain hickory but come in a beautiful walnut stain (and then coated with wax).

NMLRA Approved Hawks

NMLRA stands for the National Muzzle-Loading & Rifle Association. HatchetsandAxes.com is a proud support of the NMLRA as well as provider of throwing tomahawks that follow the specific regulations of the NMLRA hawk throwing rules.

High Carbon Steel Blade

Each blade is hand forged from high carbon steel. The steel we have chosen has been selected as a result of diligent testing and ensure strength, durability, and long term reliability. Due to the nature of steel, each head will come with a light protective coating to prevent rusting. 

Straight Grain USA Made Hickory Handles

All our throwing tomahawks come standard with 100% USA made straight grain hickory. We get our wood from the world famous Appalachian mountains and hand selected hickory. These handles are built to last and have proven themselves as a great combination of affordability and reliability. 

Sharpened Blade Edges

Each blade is sharpened to ensure maximum penetration under current NMLRA rules and regulations. These blades are not designed to be extremely sharp (like the type you shave with). Our blade edges are far from dull, but they are sharpened only enough to hold a sharp enough edge for typical cutting & throwing scenarios.

Hand Forged Head

HatchetsandAxes.com has professional blacksmiths that produce all of our tomahawks and axes. Our forge is dedicated to producing top quality products. In our case, hand forging results in the most durable, long lasting and highest quality products. Yeah, it's a more traditional approach, we know that. But we stick with it when other companies try and cut corners and drop forge their products. 

More Competition Hawk Info

This hawk gives you the maximum target penetration potential under National Muzzle Loading Rifle Association rules and regulations. It comes with our extremely durable and comfortable USA made straight grain hickory throwing tomahawk handle with smooth sanded & waxed finish. 

This 19 inch throwing tomahawk features a hand forged head for stronger durability to withstand the blows of competitive tomahawk throwing. This is the best throwing tomahawk we have seen so far. 

This is the best tomahawk for backyard throwing as well.

Features Include:

  • Overall Length: 19 inches
  • Blade Edge: 4 inches!
  • Excellent Wear Resistance
  • Heat Treated Blade Edge
  • Handle: Straight Grain American Hickory (USA Made)
  • Handle Finish: Smooth Sanded & Wax Coated
  • Use: Recreational or Competition
  • Weight: About 1 lb 8 oz
  • Brand: Thrower Supply
Accessories for this Hawk:
*Note: The tomahawk head is unsecured from the handle. This is done on purpose for two reasons. The first being that our experience is that a pinned or otherwise secured head breaks the handle easier. The second is for your being able to customize and interchange handles to your liking. 

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About The American Hickory Wood Handles

You know what they say about Hickory right? It is "time tested and logger approved"! American Hickory is the most sought after wood material to use for your axes and tomahawks. All the premium Swedish and German axe makers import American Hickory for their handles and proudly advertise it. We selected Hickory because it will take more abuse than maple or birch or ash. And on top of that, it is much more affordable. 

Basic Facts of American Hickory

  • Hickory Is Ergonomically Better For Comfort And Stress Reduction
  • Hickory logs produce the best handles and are selected for their heavy weight, and straight grain.
  • The U.S. Forest Products Lab has found no difference in white or red hickory's strength. Therefore, the best hickory handles may be white, red or a mixture of both.
  • Hickory is a natural shock absorber and has excellent strength for tool handles.
Why Straight Grained Wood?

Grain refers to the direction of the "veins" of the wood. Wood will split easier if you are cutting in the direction of the grain. When chopping wood you try to cut along the grain to split the wood. If you were to use cross grain handles it just wouldn't make sense for throwing (they would break much easier). By selling only straight grain handles we are offering you the most durable handles available. 

Why Wax Coated Handles?

Our handles are unique to our tomahawks. They are sanded smooth and then given a wax coating. This wax coating prolongs the life of your tomahawk handle, provides a more secure grip, and prevents splintering for an extended period. 

More About Throwing Tomahawks
Tomahawks are increasing in popularity among outdoor enthusiasts. This increased awareness is due in part to the Boy Scouts of America and their desire to teach the scouts worthwhile and exciting activities. Throwing a tomahawk is safe and easy when performed properly and under the right supervision. Visit our education section for more information on safely throwing tomahawks. 

More About Thrower Supply Brand

Thrower Supply Brand TomahawksThrower supply is a throwing tomahawk manufacturer that offers uniquely hand forged throwing tomahawks. They supply hawks to throwers across the world. 

For quality throwing tomahawks at affordable prices, Thrower Supply is the ideal brand of tomahawk!

Customer Reviews

Average rating from 17 reviews: 5.0 Showing: 3 of 17 Show All
Amazing ProductsYou have amazing products! I have a couple of your competition throwing tomahawks. I have collected several throwing tomahawks over the years, and have purchased them from several different companies. Your products are far superior to any of them. They keep a sharp edge and I’m able to stick them every time, from almost any distance. They are so well balanced, and I have not had one of your hickory handles brake yet. I want to thank you for making such a great product. I would recommend them to anyone. I will continue to shop your products, and see no need to search elsewhere. Written by AndrewL on Mon 31 Mar 2014 9:11:02 PM GMT
2nd Place in Hungarian Tomahawk Throwing CompetitionHi!I purchased two of the "Best" Competition Throwing Hawk.What do I think about them?I finished on 2.nd place on the Hungarian knife,tomahawk,throwing star throwing competition(highest score with hawk from 4,and 7 meters)with them.;).I think this tomahawk is great ballanced,very easy to throw.Thanks HatchetsandAxes! Written by Lorant on Fri 7 Mar 2014 7:54:32 PM GMT
Serious Hawks!First I bought two of your 19" hawks to see how they compared to others I had bought, but was quite disappointed with. Others had handles which broke after a few throws. My first 2 from you have stood up to heavy practice from myself, my two boys (8 and 9) and my wife. Once I saw how excited they were with this new sport, I bought a 6-pack of 16" hawks for my boys and our scout troop. These, too, have proved to be very durable, withstanding many less than perfect throws. In fact, we've yet to break one of your hickory handles. Thanks to your serious hawks, this sport is really catching on here. Written by Brad on Fri 7 Mar 2014 7:49:10 PM GMT
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