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Boy Scout Tomahawk & Axe Throwing

Tomahawk throwing is the perfect activity for boy scouts. It can be done safely and will teach important life skills. Plus it will be the best activity of the year for many scouts.

Is it safe you ask? Tomahawk throwing is safe as long as you follow the basic rules. For more about safely holding a tomahawk throwing event please see this article. The Guide to Safe Scoutingstates the following:


From A Scoutmaster: Tomahawk Throwing For Scouts Quick Video

Below is a list of throwing tomahawks ideal for scouts of all ages. Be sure to check out the instructions for how to safely add 'hawk throwing to your scouting event found at the bottom of this page.

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Resources For Tomahawk Throwing With Boy Scouts

For many, the idea of putting sharp blades in the hands of boy scouts, no matter what their age, sounds completely inappropriate. If you are one of those people or leaders, I completely understand. However, in my defense, there are a few things that if followed, will greatly enhance the safetly and enjoyment found in throwing tomahawks with Boy Scouts.


Archery, Throwing Tomahawk and Knife

Aside from camping, most boy scouts also get to experience the fun and competitions through archery, throwing tomahawks and throwing knives. Having a personal experience throwing tomahawks will make you more appreciative of the fun while doing this activity. To start off with this activity you will need a quality tomahawk that is fit for your level.

If you are looking for a great scout throwing tomahawk, what we have in store will be a perfect fit for you. Buying in bundle will also get you great savings. All throwing tomahawks we have available are NMLRA approved and are mostly used by scouts, so get your own tomahawk today!


Resources For Scout Leaders:

1 . How to Throw a Tomahawk

2. What Size Tomahawk is Best For My Scouts?

3. Tomahawk Throwing Safety (Infographic)

4. Difference Between the Mouse Hawk & Standard Hawks

5. How to Organize a Tomahawk Throwing Event

For more information on how to throw a tomahawk visit our education section.

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