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What Type of Hatchet Are You Looking For?

You may be looking for a specific type of hatchet. We have separated our hatchets into three different categories here: 

  • Click to See Camping Hatchets
  • Click to See Throwing Hatchets
  • Click to See Tactical Hatchets

Camping Hatchets

Wetterlings Small Splitting Axe - 20 inches
Tree Sounding Sportsman's Axe/Hatchet
Spec Plus Spax - Axe Multi Tool by Ontario Knives - USA Made
Spax - Axe Multi Tool by Ontario Knives - USA Made
SOG Fusion Hand Axe Hatchet
Snow & Nealley Kindling Axe - 18" Penobscot Bay
Single Bit Steel Axe / Hatchet
Rigbuilder Hatchet
Multi Purpose 13-in-1 Axe Hatchet Hammer
Kentucky Belt Axe - 14 inch Hickory Handle
Hiking Or Camping Pack Axe/Hatchet - Coghlan's
Hatchet/Gut Hook Set - Rite Edge
Gerber Blades Gator Combo Axe
Gerber Back Paxe II - Clam
Firemans Axe & Sheath
Council Single Bit Miners Axe
Council Single Bit Hatchet Axe
Condor Woodworker Axe - 18"
Condor Stainless 16" Spiked Axe
Condor Scout Hatchet - 12"
Condor Baby Spike Axe Hatchet
Cold Steel Trail Boss Hatchet
Cold Steel Axe Gang Chinese Style Hatchet
Camp Axe Hatchet (M-Tech)
Broad Hatchet with 28" Curved Hickory Handle
Black Savage Hatchet with Fiberglass Handle
All Steel Camp Axe Hatchet
9.75" Wood Handled Hatchet by MTech
14" Camping Hatchet by MTech

Why Buy A Hatchet?

Our hatchets come from brands such as Grasnfors Bruks, Wetterlings, Snow & Nealley, Gerber, Condor, and more. With brands like these you know that our hatchets have been hand picked and represent the best the industry offers. There are a variety of types of hatchets shown including throwing hatchets, packing hatchets, heavy duty hatchets, and multi purpose hatchets. Each of them solves a different challenge in the woods. 

Consider one of our hatchet knife combo's for the ideal skinning and field dressing combination. Smith & Wesson offers a hatchet and knife combination ideal for a hunting kit. If you don't like the price of that combo you can find the same style done by rite edge for much less. As you can see, we are the best source of hatchets for every occasion and budget. 

Many of our hatchets are ideal for survival situations. Make sure you are prepared with a survival hatchet.

Hatchet History

The hatchet has been around for a long time. The axe and the hatchet came into existence as far back as 6000 BC. They could be the longest enduring tool ever from the cavemen to modern use. 

What is the Difference Between a Hatchet and an Axe?

A hatchet is a small axe with a shorter handle. In today's terms,  the hatchet and the axe are basically the same. Originally, the hand axe did not have the hammer head on the opposite side of head from the blade. Therefore, the hatchet was different becuase it could also be used as a hammer. Today, the two terms are used interchangeable as you will see from our hatchet/axe product combinations .

What Else Can I do with my Hatchet?

Hatchets are very handy to have in the outdoors.  Did you know a hatchet can be used to start a fire? Through sparks and friction you can use your hatchet to start a fire if you are stranded. 

Want to learn to throw your hatchet like a tactical tomahawk? Check out our books on Tomahawk Throwing or look in our education library where you will find articles such as "How to Throw a Tomahawk". The same principle applies to hatchet throwing that applies to tomahawk throwing. 

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