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USA Made Straight Grain Hickory Wood Throwing Tomahawk Handles

The Hickory wood takes the lead when it comes to being the best commercial wood used for furniture, tools, and sporting equipment. The wood’s strength is one of its best defining characteristics. It is also the main reason why it has been widely used by axe manufacturers as handles for axes, tomahawks, picks, hammers, hatchets, and other tools. High-quality hickory wood has excellent stress reduction and possesses a natural shock absorber that can withstand a great amount of vibration.

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If you are looking for a great handle for your axes or tomahawks, the high quality USA made straight grain American hickory handles from Hatchets and Axes is surely one of the best choices. The American hickory wood used for this handle has been tried, tested, and approved by experienced loggers. It is one of the sought after materials of premier axe manufacturers including German and Swedish brands.

Hickory handles from Hatchets and Axes are straight grained to make it more durable for throwing. Straight grain handles are high grade and extremely break proof. It also has a longer fiber structure than other commercial wood handles in the market. All tomahawk and axe handles from Hatchets and Axes are sanded smooth and wax coated for a more secure grip. The coating prolongs the life of the handle and prevents splintering.

Two of the most common handle lengths that enthusiasts are looking for are the 19” standard throwing tomahawk handle and the 16” mouse hawk handle. Hatchets and Axes have both of these handles available online. Check the product specifications of both handles in the table below.

  19” USA Made Straight Grain
Hickory Throwing Tomahawk Handles
16" USA Made Smooth Sanded &
Waxed Hickory Throwing Tomahawk Handles
Overall Length 19 inches 16 inches
Top Diameter Front to back - 1.5 inches
Side to side - 1.125 inches
about 1 inch
Bottom Diameter Front to back - 1.125 inches
Side to side - 0.9375 inches
about 0.75 inch
Material Used American Hickory Wood 100% Made in the USA American Hickory Wood 100% Made in the USA
Finish Smooth Sanded & Glossy Wax Finish with Tumble Wax Coating Smooth Sanded Finish with Tumble Wax Coating
Brand Thrower Supply Thrower Supply


In choosing a replacement handle for your tomahawk, keep in mind to prioritize the quality over cost. Many handles made from different commercial wood are sold at relatively cheap prices but snaps easily once used and thrown. The quality that you’ll get from a hickory wood handle will assure you of a good value for your money.

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