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About the Machete

The Machete is used today much more commonly than the axe, hatchet, or tomahawk. Originally it was created for agricultural and vegetation control purposes. It is still widely used today in many parts of the world.

You may see in many parts of the world that the machete is a common landscaping tool to use when trimming hedges, cutting lawns and weeds, and even cutting branches. The machete is a unique tool in that it is more mobile than a sword and light enough to carry around on your hip (with a machete sheath).

Our wide selection of machetes are made from the highest quality steel and sharpened to perfection for your convenience. Our machetes come from brands such as Cold Steel, Gerber, and Whetstone.


Bolo (Philippines): The bolo machete comes with a "heavy point" design that provides more weight and leverage towards the front of the blade. This makes the Bolo machete a popular choice if you are looking for a machete to chop wood or slash through heavy brush.

Parang (Malaysia): The word "Parang" is the Indonesian equivalent of the English word machete . The Parang Machetes are designed more for wood targets. They are known for their powerful chopping power. 

Golok (Indonesia): The golok is another form of machete that somewhat similar to the parang machete and comes from a similar location. The golok machete is also called a broadsword machete. You will notice that the golok machete has a much shorter blade than other machetes. They are used mainly for their chopping capabilities.  

Kukri (Napal): Often spelled "khukri", the Kukri Machete is a symbolic weapon that is commonly used by the Nepalese Army. It is well known and unique because of its bent shape. The Kukri machete bends mid-blade at a slight angle. 

Dao (China): The Dao Machete is also known as a chinese broadsword. It features a long, single-edged broad blade that is used today like a large knife. 


Cut through rain forest vegetation

Cut sugar cane

Carve wood

Split coconuts

Cut the grass

Clear brush


Look for something a little more "battle axe" like? Check out our selection of battle axes and medieval axes.

*Our Machete's are sold to be used as tools, not weapons. They are only weapons in the wrong hands.

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