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Tomahawk & Axe Survival 101


Should you be caught out in the woods you will want a Hatchet, Small Camp Axe, or Tomahawk. We say that not just because it is useful in splitting wood, but also great for falling trees, and building a shelter.

The following are 5 interesting survival tips and uses for the hatchet, axe, or tomahawk. Hopefully you will see the importance of bringing this type of tool when you are out in the wilderness.

6 Unique Survival Uses for your Tomahawk or Axe

 1.  Start a Fire

Your tomahawk can be used just like a knife would in cutting small shavings in wood to start a fire using a bowdrill. It will also assist in the essential tools/sticks need to create the bowdrill itself.

 2.  Defense Weapon against Predators 

If you are stranded in the wild, you may come across predators of all kinds. If you are ever up against a bear, cougar or wolf, you will not regret having a nice blade around.

 3.  Cutting Wood for a Splint

 Should you be injured and in need of a splint - a tomahawk can be used to chop wood into a splint for broken bones.

 4.  Snow /Ice Cutting

If you are stranded in the snow you can use the axe or hatchet as a digging and cutting tool. This will save your hands from freezing and you will have the ability to chisel out a snow cave shelter, dig a hole for a fire, etc…

5.   Weapon for Hunting or Field Dressing Animals

You can also use your hatchet, axe, or tomahawk for hunting animals and field dressing them. Should you be in need of food out in the wild you will want some type of blade to cut the animal to get access to the meat. You can take the tomahawk or axe head off of the blade and use it as a knife for field dressing. Using a tomahawk as a weapon as a last resort maybe be the difference maker in a survival situation. We recommend this small axe for performing this function. 

 6. Use the Metal of the Tool to Reflect Light for a Signal

You can use the metal side of the head of your tool as a reflector. If a plane or helicoptor comes by then you can use the reflection of the sun to signal to them.

 Even though an axe or hatchet is a very useful tool when stranded, consider the weight of an axe or hatchet when looking to purchase.  You will need a lightweight and easy to use tool so that you preserve calories if stranded. 

 There are many more effective and obvious uses for the axe, tomahawk, and hatchet, but keep these non-traditional uses in mind in case of survival needs. 

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