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Tomahawk & Knife Throwing Games article

Tomahawk & Knife Throwing Games

There’s a lot more than just throwing and sticking your tomahawk to the target. Make it more fun and enjoyable by trying some of these games.

5 Ring Tomahawk Target

5 Ring Tomahawk Target
  • Materials Needed: Tomahawk, 5 Ring Target
  • Number of Players: Unlimited

How to Play :

Prepare a 5 ring target. Each player has 5 throws per game. There’s a total of 5 games which is equivalent to one set. Whoever scores the most points wins the set. Whoever wins 2 out of 3 sets will win the entire game.

Scoring :

Each ring is equivalent to a number of points. The innermost ring has the most number of points, which is 5, followed by 4, 3, 2, and 1 for the outermost ring. For instance,the blade landed on the 4-point ring but the edge touched the 5-point ring, then that throw is given 5 points.

Around the World

Materials Needed :Tomahawk & Target marked with squares.

Number of Players :Unlimited

How to Play :

Start by sticking in the upper left corner, then move to the upper right corner, lower right corner, lower left corner then the left center square followed by the top center squarer, right center square, bottom center square, then the center to finish. You continue to throw as long as you make a clean stick in each square. If the blade touches the edge of a square, you forfeit your throw and the next player throws. On your next turn, you continue from your last point.

Scoring :

No scoring per hit. The first player to throw around the world, and hits the center wins.

Now gather your friends, try out these games, go outside and have fun!

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