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Have You Ever Thrown a Hawk Before?

You've got to give this a try! As seen in the video to the left, hawk throwing really is pretty simple to start learning and somewhat difficult to master.

Ready to Win Your Next Throwing Competition?

We test every tomahawk design that we offer and feature only the best performing hawks based on our testing. Rest assured, you won't see any poor throwing hawks here! Our hawks are lightweight, durable, and hand forged for quality by our professional blacksmiths.


Is Tomahawk Throwing Safe?

So dear reader, “Have you thrown a tomahawk?" Cause here is what we can tell you: Tomahawks are great for anyone regardless of age (let’s be reasonable, I will not be giving my infant a tomahawk to throw…) height, and gender. I (the writer) am just over 5 feet tall and a somewhat out-of-shape female. However skeptical I was at the beginning of my tomahawk throwing, I enjoyed it from the moment it left my hand and went flying toward my target.

When most people think about throwing tomahawks, they usually focus on the possible dangers associated with such an activity. While we realize that we are playing with a sharp object, we use much care when throwing our hawks. Hawk throwing can be a lot of fun! While you may be skeptical of the fun and more afraid of the danger, judgment on such an activity cannot be placed until you let one sail for yourself.


Tomahawk Throwing Safety Tips

  1. Throwing tomahawks are not toys. They are made for recreation but they may cause harm if you are not careful around them. (See: How to throw a tomahawk article to learn!)
  2. Maintain a safe distance from where the target is located to make sure that stray tomahawks and debris from targets will not reach you.
  3. NEVER aim or throw your tomahawk at anything except for designated targets.
  4. Practice throwing your tomahawk in a space wide enough for you to be at 5 steps away from the target.
  5. Remember to keep the sheath of your tomahawk on when you are not using them.


Does Hawk Throwing Take Skill?

Short answer: No. Long answer: It took me a few times to really “stick-it” in my target. However, it was a blast each time it left my hand, regardless of the end result (hit or miss.) I was with a throwing tomahawk “pro” who taught me a few things, and even a few games to play. Now, he had a lot of skill. You know, throwing two at a time and sticking them, throwing them backwards and sticking them; you get it, he stuck them no matter what he did (hence the name “pro”.) However, throwing tomahawks have been used in boy scouts for years and are growing in popularity. Just teach the basics of safety and commit your new tomahawk throwers to follow the safety guidelines. Then observe the fun that can take place. I will mention that you will want to watch them and reinforce any of the safety guidelines so that all can benefit from a fun and safe activity.


Which Size Throw Hawk is Best For Me?

Visit our Selecting the Best Throwing Tomahawk for You article in our education section for the answer to your query. Once you know what size, you can check out our tomahawk brands.

Our throwing tomahawks from brands such as cold steel and SOG are made from the finest quality materials around. The Cold Steel brand tomahawks are said to be made with the worlds toughest and sharpest steel.

If you are looking for a solid tactical tomahawk then check out our SOG hawks or United Cutlery M48 Tomahawks. They are the finest tactical tomahawks for the price.

If you are looking for a good dependable throwing tomahawk, all of the Thrower Supply throwing tomahawks such as the Best Selling Competition Throwing Tomahawk or the Scout Tomahawk are both a safe bet.

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