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What is a Tomahawk?

The word "tomahawk" was derived from the Algonquian word "otomahuk" meaning "to knock down". Although a tomahawk is much like an axe or a hatchet, it's origins are very different. The tomahawk was originally used by Native Americans in North America as a tool and a weapon.

Tomahawks are now more popularly being used for throwing competitions more than self defense. For many years the tomahawk was the universal tool of the mountains. Indians and Mountainmen alike used the tomahawk for hunting, chopping firewood, and protection. Today tomahawks are mainly used for recreational fun. Although the Summer Olympics are not quite ready for it, the art of throwing a tomahawk has not been lost and continues to be a popular sport around the world.


Why Choose Us?

HatchetsandAxes has the best and most affordable selection of tomahawks on the internet today. In fact, if we don't have the hawk you are looking for then contact us and we will get it. How is that for service?!

There is a tomahawk for all types of throwers whether your tall, short, young, or an adult. If you need help knowing which size tomahawk is right for you visit our "What Size Tomahawk Should I Buy?" article in our help section.


Importance of a Throwing Tomahawk

Tomahawks (especially the tactical ones) have the ability to replace numerous tools. You can essentially use it for survival and other tactical needs. It is a compact tool that anyone can easily use in the outdoors or in the wild. It is easy to carry and with the right sheath you can even strap it on your belt or somewhere in your backpack.

Most people who enjoy the outdoor see the importance of owning a good throwing tomahawk. It can be used for recreation and it is a functional tool at the same time. Large axes which can be used in chopping woods are relatively large and are hard to carry around but with the tomahawk this will not be a problem, its compact size makes it an ideal tool for mountaineers.


The Basics of Hawk Throwing

Anyone can throw a hawk. However, there are a few important things to know about throwing your hawk. For beginners to hawk throwing, the basic steps are as follows:

1. Measure five to six paces from your target.

2. Assume a throwing position much like a pitcher in baseball with the tomahawk blade facing forward.

3. Hold the handle at or near the base of the tomahawk.

4. Bring the hawk straight back and throw straight forward.

If the hawk doesn't stick the first time, try again. You will know if you are too far away if the tomahawk over rotates before it hits the target. You will see the top of the tomahawk hitting against your target in this case. If you are too close you will see the bottom of the handle hitting the target. This means you are not allowing the hawk to fully rotate and you need to back up.

For more videos and information on How to Throw a Tomahawk visit our Resources section.

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