How to Throw a Knife

Knife Throwing is an exciting recreational activity that has been around for centuries. It sure is a rewarding experience to be able to hit your target from yards away. Throwing knives like a pro and striking your target takes a lot of practice. Here’s a step by step guide on how to accurately make that perfect throw.

Step 1: Choose your Knife

If you’re just getting started with knife throwing, the first thing you need to do is to decide on what knife you’re going to use. Knives vary in terms of its size and weight with each one requiring a different technique. Your throwing knife should not be too light. Lighter knives can be hard to control since they tend to bounce back from the target. Heavy throwing knives have a more stable flight but you need to have the strength and accuracy to throw them properly.

We recommend these knives for throwing:

Step 2: How to Hold a Knife

You can’t accurately throw a knife unless you’re holding it properly. To hold a knife, place your index, middle and ring fingers on the center of the handle. Position your thumb directly on the center of the other side of the handle. Your little finger can just hang off the end. When you release the knife, you simply aim and open your hand.

Step 3: Find your Throwing Line

To successfully throw a knife, you need to have the proper distance between you and the target. Draw a line by measuring five normal steps from the target. That should give you enough distance so the knife makes a complete rotation in the air before sticking in the target. You may want to take a couple steps back once you’ve found your throwing line to give you more room to get some power behind your throw.

Step 4: Throw the Knife

When throwing a knife, stand in a way that your weak-side shoulder faces the target. If you’re right handed, your left shoulder should face the target. And if you’re left handed, your right shoulder should face the target. Take one step forward with your back foot and step towards your throw line with your front foot. Remember to really stretch towards that line.

When your arm is fully extended towards the target, release the knife and throw it as hard as you can. Make sure to keep your knife horizontal to the target throughout the throw to ensure proper rotation.

Now you know the steps on how to effectively and accurately throw a knife. You may try your own techniques once you’ve gotten used to throwing. Just remember to always be cautious and to be wary of your surroundings when doing this activity. Have fun!

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