Decorative Tomahawks

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Best SellerSave $50
Hand Forged HeadHigh Carbon Steel Blade
Save $79.01
Custom Eagle Hand Carved TomahawkHigh Carbon Steel Blade
Save $20
Custom Fleur Design TomahawkHand Forged Head
Hand Forged HeadThrower Supply Logo
Save $2.80
Missouri River War TomahawkTraditional weeping heart cutout
Best Seller
Francisca Throwing AxeThrower Supply Tomahawks
Save $25
Custom Design Snake TomahawkHand Forged Head
Engraved Brass Tomahawk
Damascus Custom TomahawkDamascus Custom Tomahawk
Save $10
Wax Coated Tomahawk HandlesPolished Competition Throwing Tomahawk
Save $10
Beautiful Polished Chrome Finish on the Spike hawkThrower Supply

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