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Most of our throwing tomahawks come with an unsecured head to the handle. This is done on purpose. This allows many of our customers to customize as they choose and interchange handles. It is also recommended to have a handle free of pins and screws to reduce breakage on impact when throwing consistently.

Steps to Secure the Head:

1. Turn the tomahawk upside down and pound the bottom of the head up the handle (towards to top of the tapered handle).
2. Soak the tomahawk handle in water overnight - the wood will expand and become more secure.
3. Use electrical tape or some other heavy duty tape on the handle where the eye of the tomahawk meets the shaft so it doesn't slide down the handle.
4. Once, secured you may wrap the head with a leather wrap to further secure the head.

Not necessarily. Hand forging involves a blacksmith pounding out the shape of the tomahawk. Whereas a drop forging is a cast metal using a mold instead of a hammer. As for the strength, it really depends on the blacksmith versus the grade of steel for the drop forged head. We always prefer hand forged tomahawks for throwing not just because it looks more authentic but because that is how they used to do it. 

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