In today’s terminology the term mattock is used interchangeably with the pick axe. However, they are actually different tools. The mattock is a also known as an adze. See our pick axes for sale.


An axe cuts vertically with the blade vertical but an adze or mattock cuts horizontally with a horizontal blade which is ideally used for digging, carving and chopping.

More About Mattocks & Pick Axes

The pickaxe is commonly spelled as “pickax”, or “pick axe”, and is a different tool in and of itself. The term “pick” may be associated with mattock or axe or left as an entirely separate tool. I will list the basic types of pick tools now.

Pick Mattock (Pick & Adze)

The pick mattock is a pick and adze combination tool. An adze is actually used mostly in forming and carving wood but has evolved with the pick to become the ideal digging, landscaping, and gardening tool. The head of the pick mattock has one side that is an adze (pry/carving tool) and the other side being in the form of a spike.

Although there are many uses for the pick mattock, this tool is commonly used when trying to break up rocky soil and dig trenches. The pointed end is ideal for breaking up the soil and the adze end is mainly used for clearing out trenches etc...

Cutter Mattock (Axe & Adze)

The cutter mattock is a combination between an axe and an adze. This tool is ideal when attempting to cut through roots because of the axe blade and the pry features of the adze. The head of the cutter mattock has an axe on one side and an adze on the other.

Most people prefer the pick mattock features over the cutter mattock features but as you can see they have similar uses.

Railroad Pick

The railroad pick is basically a lighter version of the pick mattock in that the spike and adze are both smaller. The railroad pick is considered the most universal of the tools because of the ease of use and size difference..

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Why Buy a Mattock or Pick Axe?

As a tool, both mattock and pick axe will help you when landscaping or gardening. They may have different uses but getting both of them will enable you to get your tasks done efficiently. When starting with gardening, using the mattock when digging around firm soil when you are landscaping can make this hard task easier whereas, the pick axe will enable you to break the rocky surface of the soil.

Buying both tools are important, you cannot choose one over the other since they are built for different purposes. Make your gardening and landscaping projects easier by getting these two tools.

How Much Should I Expect to Pay for a Pick/Mattock?

These tools vary in price and quality depending on what you are looking for. A good pickaxe can range from $12-25 for just the forged head and $16-35 for the head and handle. You can also check other products and throwing axe for sale from our website. is the largest exclusive source of hatchets, axes, tomahawks, and machetes on the web today. With specialty products such as pickaxes and cutter mattocks for well below retail you can't go wrong with

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