16 inch Smooth Hickory Throwing Tomahawk Handles (USA Made) for Mouse Tomahawk

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Customer Reviews

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Michael Smith
Too narrow

The handle end was too narrow (the diameter of the handle was too small) and it slipped right through my tomahawk head. Entirely useless.

Larry Buckley

Couldn’t ask for better service.

William Mehm
wondering about all the 5 star reviews

Bought these for the Troop based off the reviews...now I'm wondering what the criteria was for the other reviewers. Yes, yes you can throw these like the other reviewers said so I have to agree with them on that. If you want to see results from the throw you are going to need to do a bit of work, these have a very obtuse edge, like the edge you'd put on an axe to PREVENT it from sticking...so, expect to spend some time with a grinder or belt sander or a lot of time with a file to fix the edge.
Not to harp on the edge but each tomahawk had a different geometry and that geometry changed as you traversed the edge.
Construction? it is obviously a blade welded to an eye. Fortunately you already have the tools out to fix the edge so you may as well clean up the weld splatter.
Good news, these tomahawks are made by Indians, ...from India. Not a bad thing until you realize there is a "Hickory" tree that grows in India. Make no mistake, Indian Hickory is not being used to make Louisville Sluggers for a reason...but that's what these handles are made from (i assume, it is definitely not North American Hickory). It is the weirdest, palest looking wood that even after scraping and sanding will not accept a stain and suffers a ton of damage from just the heads sliding.
To be fair, it's a Tomahawk, the boys had a blast throwing them, the handles will need frequent replacement or you'll have to find/make some decent ones and expect to do some work on the edge.

Greg Dudley
Can’t get an answer

I ordered the wrong axe handle by mistake…my fault. They offered to return. I asked, twice what axe that fit the handles I purchased. Still don’t have a response.

Josh Pierce

16 inch Smooth Hickory Throwing Tomahawk Handles (USA Made)