Congratulations on Your Purchase of a Throwing Tomahawk!

Fuel your passion for the outdoors with this throwing hawk from!

To make the most of this product, we would like to share some tips on how to care and preserve your tomahawks. Before you get started, make sure you have at least a 4 inch thick target which you can get from log rounds or wood planks. If this is your first time throwing, here are the basic steps on how to throw a tomahawk.

  • Walk at least 5-6 paces away from the target then make a line in the ground. The distance will give the tomahawk one revolution till it reaches the target.
  • Do the right stance by positioning your feet in a pitcher’s position with the foot opposite your throwing arm forward.
  • Grip the tomahawk properly by holding it by its bottom end, with the sharp end facing straight outward.
  • Look closely at your target and focus on the spot that you want to hit.

Lift the tomahawk slowly over your shoulder, and throw it straight forward towards your target.

For more on how to throw a tomahawk visit our "How to Throw a Tomahawk" article & video demonstration.

Basic Care & Maintenance

Your tomahawk will last much longer if you follow a few basic rules. Here are some tips on how to preserve and keep your tomahawk in good shape.

  • To protect the wood handle of your tomahawk, coat the handle with a lacquer or stain to prevent it from splitting.
  • To prevent splitting, or even after a split in the wood has started; you can also put duct tape or electrical tape on the handle.
  • To rustproof your tomahawk, you can lightly coat the head with oil after use.
  • Store your tomahawk in a safe and dry place and don’t forget to wipe off any moisture before storage.
  • If the head of the tomahawk is somewhat loose, you can use a piece of tape or leather to wedge between the wood handle and to secure the head. You can also try banging the top of the tomahawk on a piece of wood while it's upside down, as this will secure the head for the next throw.

There you go! Bring out the Mountain Man in you and enjoy the art of tomahawk throwing! For more information about throwing tomahawks you may visit the resources section of