Felling Axe:

An axe used to "fell" trees or cut down trees. The idea is that the felling axe will cut across the grain of the wood. There are various sizes and types of felling axes depending on the characteristics of the wood you are cutting. To go to our felling axe section of the site click here.


What a blacksmith uses to heat metal so that it can be shaped to the correct dimensions and size.

Full Tang:

Refers to the section of steel that stretches from the bottom of the handle of a cutting tool all the way to the top and is used for the blade. A full tang axe is an axe that is one solid piece of steel from the top of the blade down to the handle bottom. Full tang axes are considered long lasting and durable becuase there are less breakage points. Many throwing axes are full tang.

Hand Forged:

Refers to a blacksmith heating and shaping his products by hand. Hand forged tomahawks are tomahawks that are heated, shaped, and created by hand.


As known as a "whirlbat". It is a full tang throwing axe with sharpened points on every end. They are designed to inflict damage to whatever they hit.

Native American Made:

Many products on our website feature the artwork of the Native American people. Although many of these people are American Indian by blood, due to strict requirements they do not qualify to be "certified" in their artwork as Native American. When a certified Native American has crafted a piece on our website it will say so with a "certificate of authenticity" to be available upon request.

Splitting Axe:

A splitting axe is different from a felling axe in that is has a deeper angle for splitting logs from a tree that has already been cut down by a felling axe. The deeper angle acts as a wedge to split logs in two.

Tactical Tomahawk:

A cutting and breaching tool that is made with a purpose to breach through doors and walls, be thrown in combat, and can be used in hand to hand combat. Sometimes the hawk is considered tactical simply from all of the spikes. Spikes are typically added to the back of the tomahawk head and the bottom of the handle as well. An interesting little fact that we learned at a recent gun show was that there are elite military groups that carry tactical tomahawks and are identified by civilians & enemy soldiers as too dangerous to confront becuase of this weaponry. To go to our tactical tomahawk section of the site click here.


Refers to the section of steel inside the handle of a knife.

Tree Sounding Axe:

An axe that is light enough to be used to 'sound' trees and detect rot in their trunks. A tree sounding axe is one that is light to wield, has a flat end backing (hammer style), and is used by the forestry services to detect the rot in standing trees. They use an acoustic technique of hitting the base of the tree and judging by the sound the tree makes can determine the degree of rotting that occurs inside. Our best selling tree sound axe can be found by clicking here.

USA Made:

Although we try to find the best prices for products so that you can benefit from low priced tools and high quality long lasting cutlery, we have dedicated a page on our website that features only USA made products. This page can be found by clicking here.

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