The following websites are valuable resources we have found on subjects relating to our content and product lines.

Throwing Tomahawk & Knife Resources

The TomaHawk Guy

This guy throws anything and everything with an edge and makes it look easy.

Tomahawk Throwing Article -

This gives illustrated instructions for how to throw a tomahawk. Good resource for beginners.

AKTA Knife & Tomahawk Throwing Targets

Information on knife throwing competition rules & targets

Tomahawk Guys

Great resource on how to throwing tomahawks & axes. Also has some fun videos on tricks you can do with hawk throwing.

How to Make a Throwing Tomahawk Target

Diagram and materials list for a throwing tomahawk target. PDF downloadable document.

National Muzzle Loading Rife Association Rules & Regulations

Click for a link to the NMLRA rules and regulations on hawk and knife throwing.

Survival Blog

Learn basic tips of survival from the "".

Native American Resources

Native American Headdresses & Crafts

Buy Native American headdresses, wall decor, crafts, artifacts, and more at

Other Resources

Stiletto Darts

Hawk & knife throwers most likely are familiar with dart throwing. Here is a valuable resource for dart throwing.

Boy Scout Resources Cub Scout Resources