"Thank you so much for the opportunity to set up a quality recreational activity for my men while serving in afghanistan, tomahawk throwing is a great way to blow off steam and shake off the rigors of being an infantryman in combat, lots of fun! thanks to hatchet and axes sending these quality hawks to us we were able to laugh, compete against each other and take our minds of the day to day grind that a combat soldier often faces while deployed, we look forward to doing more tomahawk throwing, and more business with hatchet and axes! the care and quality of costomer service with hatchetsandaxes is above and beyond exceptional, from the bottom of our hearts, thank you!"
- SSG Atchison

Other Testimonials from Our Troops:

"I've never thrown a hawk before, this was
the first time, and it was a blast!"
-SPC Prestiphillipo

"I couldn't wait until they finally got here, these hawks are great quality and throw really well"
-SPC Council

"I never threw a hawk in my life, and the very first throw i had the hawk stick right on target"
-SGT Vota

"As an eagle scout, I always wanted to try tomahawk throwing but never did, thanks to hatchetsandaxes getting these hawks delivered to us in afghanistan i finally got the chance to give it a shot and i love it!"
- PFC Williams


Shop now and share with us the satisfaction you get with our products!

"Please add my name to your long list of happy customers. My order arrived in plenty of time for Christmas. The quality is great and most of all, from start to finish there was no drama at all with any aspect of the online order. I appreciated all of the personal contact and follow up to answer my questions and keep me aware of my order status. I really do look forward to placing my next order with!"

-Neal J.

Other Customer Testimonials

"Thanks to for providing an avenue for Scouters and other enthusiasts to purchase super quality products at respectably low prices... You and your business is appreciated and needed, thank you so very much again."
D. Mayfield (Cubmaster Pack 355)

"Guess what just came in the door!!!!!! And it's as traditional and as lovely as I had hoped. I'm never letting go of your web site. Thank you."
-Gail Susan Riggs

"I am a Martial Artist/weapons expert and member of the International knife Throwers Hall Of Fame Associatiin.I been throwing knives for over 55 years. I have some of the best throwing knives on the continent. On the 10th of March 2015 I received 3 Mountain men knives. The quality of those knives was just as or better then most of my knives. The Mountain man knife has a great feel.In the right hand this knife is flawless at just about every release. I plan to purchase more very very soon. You cannot beat the price"
-Dan Mc Eaddy

 "Thank you very much, I am very impressed with your speed and professionalism in this matter. I will definitely shop with you again and will surely refer friends and family to you."
-Thomas Angotti

"We are loving our hawks. My grandsons are getting good at throwing them. We will need new handles soon. Thanks for taking care of us."


Last year I did a hands-on review of the Competition Throwing Tomahawk and the Mouse Throwing Tomahawk from Hatchets and Axes. This time I am reviewing their “Scout Throwing Tomahawk” and the “Polished Competition Throwing Tomahawk.” There have been several improvements in the Hatchets and Axes throwing hawk line-up since that last review and I think these new ‘hawks are good examples of those improvements. The main thing that I notice about both the Scout and Polished hawk is that the taper of the blade is more gradual in it’s transition to the edge. Practically this means that the edges of the new hawks have a narrower angle and are much more likely to stick in the target block. The edge on the older hawks have a wider angle and are more blunt so as the edge of the hawk hits the target, the thickness of the blade effectively blocks the hawk from penetrating and many times will just fall off the target. If you read my old review you see that I had to make a few modifications to those hawks so that they could be usable in my arsenal. The good news is that the new “Scout Hawk” and The “Polished Hawk” both stick very well right out of the box. I have not had to make any modifications to them. Another improvement is that the handles have a much nicer fit on the blade than the older ones did. I do prefer the scout hawk over the polished hawk for a couple reasons. First is that the scout blade is thinner than the polished hawk blade meaning even better ability to stick and that is what it is all about!
- Ron a.k.a Bat-Hawk


The “H&A” website says that the scout hawk is “…thinner and lighter…so that it will be easier to throw for younger scouts” and “Typical ages of scouts is between 12-14 years old.” Well, this is true but keep in mind that the scout hawk is still a very sturdy and heavy hawk. Do not think that you need a heavier hawk for older scouts or adults. You don’t! The second reason that I prefer the scout hawk over the polished hawk is the “finish.” I tend to like the rustic look with forge marks on the blade.

The polished hawk does look nice when new but to maintain that polished look over the life of the hawk is going to be problematic to say the least. In conclusion let me say that I frequently get asked for my advice on a good throwing hawk for an inexpensive price. It is usually from someone who needs to buy multiple hawks for a group activity that they have planned and do not have the budget for more expensive tomahawks. I believe that the Hatchets and Axes Scout Hawk fits this need perfectly. Not a top of the line tomahawk but more than adequate. It has a very good price point and is even discounted if you buy in bulk, perfect for scout groups. They are ready to go right out of the box with no modifications needed to get them to stick.

- Patrick a.k.a Night-Hawk