What Size of Tomahawk Should I Buy?

Selecting the Best Throwing Tomahawk for You

There are a lot of tomahawks for sale in the market. Selecting the right throwing tomahawk or axe that fits your size and strength can be a challenge. But first of all, let's be completely honest with ourselves. Most people can throw just about any style and size of tomahawk and make it stick. But you want more than just your average throwing tomahawk, don't you... You want one that will stick every time. Am I right?

Well that is the purpose of this article. Whether you are tall or short, male or female, adult or child, there are many things to consider when selecting a tomahawk.

1. What Tomahawk Brand Should I Buy?

2. What Size Tomahawk Should I Buy?

1. What brand of tomahawk is the best for throwing?

There is only one real brand that you should be aware of when it comes to tomahawk throwing. Thrower Supply brand tomahawks are indeed the best suited for throwing needs. They are exclusively made for throwing, balanced for throwing, sharpened for throwing, and sized for throwing. I think you get the point. Other tomahawk brands are more universal in their designs to make them practical for other uses. While Thrower Supply brand tomahawk are great for camping and survival uses as well, they are best used for throwing.

Each brand carries with it a price. However, Thrower Supply is priced at incredible rates. If you're looking for a high quality hand forged throwing tomahawk under $30, this may be the only place you'll find them.

Throwing tomahawks are popular among Boy Scouts and Competitive throwers alike. At Hatchetsandaxes.com there is a perfectly sized throwing tomahawk for everyone. You can always shop from our broad selection of tomahawks.

2. What size of tomahawk is right for me?

Here are the general size guidlines for throwing tomahawks:

Age Recommendations

Size & Length

Recommended Hawks (by SKU)

12 & Under

Small Hawks(16")

TM103, TM104, KT101, 310-103

Teens & Women

Medium Hawks (18"-19")

TM112, 310-102, 310-103, KT102,

KT103, KT104


Large Hawks (19")

TM101, TM102, KT102, KT103,

TM105, TM106, TM107,

TM111, TM113 & above

Learn more about Thrower Supply Tomahawks. See the comparison table illustrated below.

For more on throwing your tomahawks visit our "How to Throw a Tomahawk" article and video in our education library.

Don't Stress It...We're Here to Help

Choosing the right tomahawk or axe for your throwing needs is important. Do as much research as possible so that you make the right choice in a tomahawk. We have done a little of the work for you below. Here is a list of products that we recommend for each category of thrower. As a reminder, you can always search all of our tomahawks in our "tomahawks" section.

Best Throwing Tomahawk